Hypercritical T-Shirts Return

Hypercritical T-Shirts

It is said that every five years, Hypercritical t-shirts return. The last sale was in 2018, so the time has come! This sale ends on Saturday, August 12th, so if you want a shirt, don’t delay. Last time, I hinted that it would be five years before the shirts were sold again, and some people didn’t believe me. But it was true then, and it’s true now. If you want a shirt, buy it now, or resign yourself to waiting until 2028!

The shirts are available in men’s and women’s styles and in light and dark colors:

My sincere thanks to everyone who has purchased a shirt, past and present, and to all the people who continue to read this website and listen to and support my podcasts.

A lot has changed since my last Hypercritical t-shirt sale. Most notably, I went independent in March of 2022, turning my former “side projects” into the sole source of my income.

Over the past decade or so, advertising has made up the vast majority of my podcast income. The podcast ad market has taken a big downturn this year for shows like mine, which has been rough. Thankfully, podcast membership has helped make up some of the difference.

Merchandise sales like these also help—though less than you might think. Manufacturing and shipping physical products is expensive, and the costs are always increasing. But every little bit helps. And as a podcast fan myself, I understand the draw. A shocking amount of my daily wardrobe consists of podcast t-shirts from the shows I listen to.

That’s really what these sales are about: fans want shirts, and I want to provide them. And, yes, each shirt sold does make me a few bucks, so the more I sell, the better. But there’s a reason I only do these sales once every five years. I want these shirts to be special.

And when people’s shirts are starting to become threadbare five years from today, I’ll have another sale for those who want to buy replacements. Think of it as a really slow, non-renewing subscription plan for Hypercritical t-shirts. Just try not to spill anything on your shirts in the meantime. (Or consider buying backups! You know me and backups…)