WWDC 2007 keynote bingo

My God, it’s full of squares.

It’s that time again. For a refresher course on keynote bingo, see the explanation accompanying the Macworld 2007 bingo card. For WWDC 2007, it’s the same deal: one card, no easy wins. As usual, some unmarked squares from past cards have been carried over. Hope springs eternal.

There are a few notable absences this time. Most glaringly, there’s nothing about the iPod or iTunes. I just couldn’t think of anything related to those two products that’s both exciting and remotely likely to be announced at WWDC. HD content or something in the iTunes store, maybe, but that’s pretty boring. And I just can’t imagine the inevitable OS X-based iPods being announced until after the iPhone launches.

ZFS only gets its traditional “mention” square (which has yet to be checked) rather than the expected “ZFS replaces HFS+” or “Leopard boots from ZFS” squares. If either of those things happens, you can check the “ZFS mentioned” square anyway, but I’m hedging my bets on any sweeping ZFS integration. Of course, as with the OS X iPods and Leopard booting ZFS, I’ll be happy to be proven wrong.

The official card is in PDF format, as usual:

WWDC 2007 Bingo Card PDF

Finally, a refresher on the rules. If you’re going to the keynote in person, print out the bingo card and play along live. The first person in the audience to win the game is expected to yell “BINGO!” loud enough so that the rest of us can hear it when we watch the keynote webcast video later. If we can’t actually hear you, it’s also acceptable if Steve Jobs hears you on stage and indicates this in some way…perhaps, by having you thrown out or “disappeared.” Hey, no guts, no glory!

The requirements for each square are listed below. Good luck!

WWDC Keynote Bingo Card
Bingo card created by John McCoy

This article originally appeared at Ars Technica. It is reproduced here with permission.