WWDC keynote bingo

As established earlier, I won't be at WWDC this year, but I'm definitely looking forward to the keynote. I have high hopes for the first demonstration of Leopard and the new hardware announcements—assuming there are any, that is. Of course, guessing what Steve will reveal is half the fun. In that spirit, I present the first annual WWDC Keynote Bingo card.

(Twenty randomized versions of the bingo card are also available.)

You can see a JPEG image of the card below, but it's really meant to be printed. The black and white PDF version linked in bold above is the best bet if you don't have a color printer. [Update: Travis Kroh has created an interactive versionof the card that's playable on the web.]

The game is simple. During the WWDC keynote, mark each square when the event or announcement describe within it occurs. If you get five in a row in any direction, you win. Now I know this isn't exactly an exciting game of bingo since everyone has the same card, but there are some nuances here.

Part of the game is figuring out when something in a square actually happens. At the end of this post are descriptions of each square, explaining the conditions under which they may be marked, but there's still some skill involved. For example, Jobs is not likely to come right out and say that Quartz 2D Extremeis enabled in Leopard, but he may hint at it or use marketing-speak to say the same thing. Your job is to catch this—and to be correct, of course. It's all under the honor system. Please do not sully the sacred ritual of the Steve Jobs keynote by cheating!

The other feature of the game is for WWDC keynote attendees only. If you are going to the keynote, print out the bingo card and play along live. The first person in the audience to win the game is expected to yell “BINGO!” loud enough so that the rest of us schleps can hear it when we watch the keynote webcast video later. If we can't actually hear you, it's also acceptable if Steve Jobs hears you on stage and gives you The Glare.

So there you have it. If you know someone who will be at the WWDC keynote but who does not read this blog, send him or her a link to this post or the PDF itself. Although I can't be a WWDC in person, I at least want to be there in spirit, in the form of a veritable sea of bingo cards in the keynote audience. (Hey, I can dream.) Oh, and if no one wins, well, there's always next year.

WWDC Keynote Bingo Card
Bingo card created by John McCoy

Good luck!

Update: Alert readers have noted that Charles Arthur (who is now at the Guardian) did this last year, and MacUser UK did it a month later. I hadn't seen either of those before, but it doesn't surprise me that the idea is not original. (I'll leave it to the Guardian and MacUser UK to argue about lead times and who was really “first.”) Apple-addled minds think alike, it seems.

This article originally appeared at Ars Technica. It is reproduced here with permission.